IA Discrimination Patterns
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The position of a sought resource in a sequence derives an implicit classification.
Hierarchy chart. A, B, Y, C and Z are hierarchically under "..." in this specific order.
C is out of order. An implicit association with Y and Z is made.

Catalogues for toys have been always prone to sexism and biases. Nowadays some catalogues intend to be more neutral in their gender assumptions, avoiding explicit categorizations as “boys and girls”.

In the following 2019 catalogue, category labels are gender neutral, but the sequence of pages shows a stereotypical girl/boy organization.

Four pages of a toy catalogue. The first two belong to the section "Imitación del hogar" with make-up toys. The third is "Armas" with toy weapons. The fourth is "Construcción", with tool benches among other toys.

For example, the make-up toys are with other “Home imitation" games such as cleaning toys, fake cash registers and so on, but toy drills and workbenches are sorted among "Construction" items.

Instead of being with other symbolic adult imitation games, these construction toys are in apparent disarray, but in fact there’s an implicit logic in their sequence: they’re sorted among traditionally boy-oriented toys, such as toy guns and construction sets, keeping the "Home imitation" group more stereotypically focused on girls.